Auckland City - ianrushton

Ian Rushton Photography

Landscape Photographer from New Zealand

Ian Rushton is one of New Zealand’s respected contemporary photographers with HDR images of New Zealand renowned mostly for their vibrance and striking beauty. His substantial and constantly growing body of work primarily showcases New Zealand's landscapes at their best. He often works in series enabling him to explore the particular environment and its possibilities in great depth. This, coupled with his skill in selecting viewpoint and judging lighting, and his use of a modern digital image processing techniques allows him to further enhance and fully reveal the inherent natural beauty of New Zealand.

  • Guest

    on Jun 18

    You are my new favourite photographer. Thank you, thank you for sharing these unbelievable photos with us. They are incredible!

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    on May 20

    Amazing photography of our wonderful New Zealand - thank you for sharing these photos.

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    Amy Proctor

    on Oct 20

    I'm loving your work. These are gorgeous.

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